For Wednesday, November 7

  1.  Work on your Essay 3–print a working draft for peer feedback in Wednesday’s class–(final essay due on Nov 14).
  2. Look over the short paper 4 (on a campus or Hartford event) you brought to class on Friday and revise it one more time.  To do so, read it aloud, thinking about voice/paragraph structure/overall thread/specific examples, etc.
  3. By SUNDAY NIGHT, post your revised short paper 4 (1-2 pages) on our Moodle site.
  4. Bring the printed draft (the one you had on Friday, not the revision) to class on Wednesday.
  5. We’ll talk about the Rothfelt (p. 437) reading on Friday–I’ll ask you to post a comment after Wednesday’s class (of course, you could write your comment in advance and post it later) .
  6. Remember your meeting with me about Essay 3–the night before your meeting I’ll send you an email reminder.  Bring your draft in progress to the meeting.

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