Reading around in your blogs

Rebecca called our attention a while back to the fact that a white police officer was sentenced to 15 years for killing an African-American teenager who was in a car driving away from him.

Les Alentours keeps us informed about the horrible conditions that migrant children and teenagers are kept in when they try to cross the border.

On a more local level, Max thinks a once-popular and now disgraced (because she didn’t fire a staffer she’d known to be abusive) CT Congressperson might be seeking office again–I agree with his implication that this would NOT be a good idea.

Caroline switched her topic to the literary life in the public sphere, but she turned back to the topic of the Environment to tell us about Guardian article, and to describe, with pictures, a beautiful backpacking trip she took in the Adirondacks.

Noah is worried about music losing its power to bring the world together, but he admires Major Lazer and Diplo for striving to unite the world for peace and harmony.  Meeting all kinds of people and being receptive to change, he says, has great potential power.

Adrian explores the fact that the Kavanaugh confirmation has “riled up” the Republican base.  We might not like that fact, he says, but“embittered white males” may not be more inclined to vote Republican.

Meanwhile, Henry noticed an article about  New York Magazine reporter, Olivia Nuzzi, who went to the White House to write a story on chief of staff John Kelly and ended up getting pulled into the Oval Office for an exchange that included not only the President and the White House Press Secretary, but the Secretary of State and the Vice President as well.


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