For Wednesday, October 10

  1.  Write a draft of your essay 2, an Oped essay–650-850 words on a topic of your choice–something that would be suitable for publication in a particular newspaper or online news site.  Write for a particular audience–that could be “a general reader” but it could also be, “Trinity students” or “people my age” or “Americans” or “non-Americans,” or “readers of X site,” etc.  Your draft could be longer than the required length–sometimes the most interesting revision involves cutting your piece down.
  2. You’ll share the draft with peers in class, but I’d like to start with the class looking together at one or two.  If you’d like that to be yours, email me asap.
  3. Read Lakoff to p. 56.
  4. Read the oped from Morocco I gave you.  Who do you think is the intended audience?  What would you need to know in order to appreciate it?  What have you learned from reading it?
  5. Continue blogging and commenting on your peers’ blogs.

One thought on “For Wednesday, October 10”

  1. “Private depends on public. Public resources make private life possible ‘ are the words the author used to state that public resources is how democracy works in the US and conservatives can’t see it or see it as a form of immorality so they try to eliminated it and create as many private resources as possible. I found this very enlightening and also as a person living this country I ask myself, “how come I have never thought about this, that conservatives try their best to eliminate public resources since it goes against their moral beliefs.” I am against everything the conservatives stand for but I am honestly a fan for their successful approaches in keeping the public ignorant about these facts and in luring lower classes and others to their advantages, something democrats fail to do.

    Another topic that I found interesting is the concept of Bi-conceptual, the one who have both the conservatives and progressives views and how the conservatives have a better understanding to how to appeal to them with the strategy of using only their language and not the other party’s. I believe this says a lot about the human brain and how fascinating it is because according to the Orwellian strategy using the other side’s view only makes the voter’s moral system of the other side stronger and yours weaker. The reason being that, when two circuits inhibit each other the brain, the stronger one circuit gets, the weaker the other gets, also because language plays a major role in that change. As I look back, I see the point the author is making and it does make sense. It also explains why middle and low class families tend to vote for conservatives rather than democrats. A question I have while reading this is, “why don’t democrats take examples from conservatives to have a stronger stand.


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