For Friday, October 5

  1.  Our next essay will be an Op-ed.  That name describes the short (650-800 or so words) essays that often appear opposite (op) the editorial page (ed) of a printed newspaper.  Often, they’re on current political matters.  For example, here’s one by a Washington Post columnist who “majored in beer at Yale” and wishes Kavanaugh didn’t lie about drinking.   Sometimes they’re on more personal topics–for example, this one resisting the idea that parents should always be “tough.”  Read these two, and look for others–there are quite a few in the Trinity Tripod, for example–you can find print copies of the paper at Peter B’s and around campus; here’s their opinion page online. 
  2. If you find an op-ed you think would be interesting for the class to read, send the link to me.
  3. Brainstorm about issues—maybe growing out of a blog post of yours, or any topic that interests you—that you have an opinion about.  Come to class with 2-3 possibilities.
  4. Write at least one other post on your blog, and leave comments on others’.
  5. If your Essay 1 is finished, post it on the top of our Moodle site, and read your classmates’ essays.

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