For Friday, Sept 28

  1. Work on E1, your Profile, which is due on Wednesday, October 3.  Read it aloud to yourself, and don’t be satisfied with only two drafts–rethink and revise, wait a day, seek feedback, and then rethink and revise some more.
  2. Read Lakoff to p. 40. and bring your book to class.  If you haven’t, write a ‘comment’ on my post on the class blog (below this post.)
  3. If you haven’t, write 2-3 posts on your blog.  You might look for an ‘opinion’ essay,  and link to it with your thoughts.
  4. Look at your classmates’ blogs (see “blogs I follow” on the right column of this blog).  If you haven’t, comment on at least three of them.
  5. Work on Short Paper 3, a reflective response to at least one of our readings so far.  You might begin with an initial thought you wrote about in a ‘comment,’ –shape it into a more coherent reaction/speculation.    Post it on Moodle by Friday.

One thought on “For Friday, Sept 28”

  1. Lakoff brings up some very interesting points in pages 33-40. Especially the parts about systematic causes and direct causes. The fact that systematic causes have such a complex series that lead to them is really cool in a way. Direct causes are symptoms of systematic causes but direct causes are also caused by themselves like a chicken and the egg situation. But the real meat of that section in the book was how reporters can create framing for problems like global warming to inform the public about them. If reporters are able to present these issues as negative to the world, which a lot of people do not understand, then maybe we can finally get a change for the better and make this world somewhere that future generations can live in.


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