For Wednesday, September 27

  1.  Work on E1, your Profile.  Print out your most recent version and bring it to your meeting with me (see my email with times you signed up for).  Bring your previous draft and feedback sheets from Friday’s class.
  2. Read Lakoff, pp 1-27.  Write a ‘comment’ on my post on the class blog (above this post.)
  3. Write 2-3 posts on your blog.  Look for an ‘opinion’ essay about something in your area,  and link to it with your thoughts.  Post on any other matters as well.
  4. Look at your classmates’ blogs (see “blogs I follow” on the right of the class blog).  Comment on at least three of them.
  5. Work on Short Paper 3, a reflective response to at least one of our readings so far.  You might begin with an initial thought you wrote about in a ‘comment,’ –shape it into a more coherent reaction/speculation.    It is due, posted on Moodle, by Friday.

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