The Kavanaugh story keeps evolving

In a nutshell:  First it looked like he was going to be rather easily confirmed to the Supreme Court, beginning with the senate Judiciary Committee and then in the full senate,  in spite of opposition from Democrats.  Then it came out late last week that an anonymous woman had accused him of sexual assault while he was in high school and 17 years old.  Then reporters found out the woman’s name and her identity became public.  Then many Republican senators scoffed at her and said they didn’t believe her story, and many Democrats called for her to be heard.  Then quite a few Republicans as well began to call for her to be heard.  Then the Republicans agreed to postpone the Committee vote they’d scheduled for this Thursday and have a hearing on Monday, with both Kavanaugh and the woman being questioned.  Today, though, the woman’s lawyer sent a letter to Sen. Grassley, chair of the Judiciary Committee, asking for a proper investigation before she testified.  So we’ll see what happens tomorrow.


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