For Friday

  1.  Post your E3 on Moodle (when it’s done).
  2. Do SP 5–see handout from today’s class.  Bring a printed copy to class.
  3. Reflect on your topic for E4–see handout.  Come to class with some ideas about what you might write about.

For Wednesday, November 14

  1. Finish Essay 3, print, and bring to class along with previous drafts and feedback sheets.
  2. Continue blogging/commenting.
  3. Reflect on the idea of a concept/event in the public sphere you might pursue for Essay 4.  (Remember our discussion in Friday’s class about “love as waiting” as an example.)  No need to write anything, or to make a definitive decision–we’ll pursue the idea further in class on Wednesday.    You might review your blog posts and short papers for potential ideas.

For Friday, and responses to Rothfeld

  1.  Work on your essay 3, which is due on Wednesday.  If you haven’t, come to your meeting with me–I will email a reminder in advance; if you need to reschedule, let me know.
  2. Read Rothfelt (p. 437–link to online version on post below). Post an observation as a comment here.
  3. Continue blogging/responding, especially if you haven’t posted recently.

For Wednesday, November 7

  1.  Work on your Essay 3–print a working draft for peer feedback in Wednesday’s class–(final essay due on Nov 14).
  2. Look over the short paper 4 (on a campus or Hartford event) you brought to class on Friday and revise it one more time.  To do so, read it aloud, thinking about voice/paragraph structure/overall thread/specific examples, etc.
  3. By SUNDAY NIGHT, post your revised short paper 4 (1-2 pages) on our Moodle site.
  4. Bring the printed draft (the one you had on Friday, not the revision) to class on Wednesday.
  5. We’ll talk about the Rothfelt (p. 437) reading on Friday–I’ll ask you to post a comment after Wednesday’s class (of course, you could write your comment in advance and post it later) .
  6. Remember your meeting with me about Essay 3–the night before your meeting I’ll send you an email reminder.  Bring your draft in progress to the meeting.

For Friday, November 2

  1.  Write short paper 4, a report on a campus or Hartford event–1-2 pages.  Print it and bring to class.
  2. The reading I mentioned (Rothfelt, p. 437, or find it online here) will be for next week instead of this Friday .
  3. If you haven’t commented on Taibbi (class blog post below this one), do so.
  4. Work on your research essay—draft due for peer feedback on Wednesday.  Final Essay due on Wednesday, Nov 14.  (Ariana, please email me your draft-in-progress by  1.30 on Friday).
  5. Continue blogging.

For Tuesday night and Wednesday, with comments on Taibbi

  1. Do research for Essay 3.  With your overall question in mind, consult at least four sources (essays/articles/books/documentaries/podcasts/videos/friends/professors/ other people/etc).
  2. Write an annotated list of those sources (your “annotation” should be a couple of sentences on each, explaining what the source is and why it’s relevant to you.)
  3. After reading/consulting each of at least two of those sources, do at least 4 pages of informal writing toward your essay:  what have you learned/what do you think/what do you still want to know, etc.  The 4 pages don’t have to work as a whole–they can be pieces of ideas that you may want to include in Essay 3.
  4. BY TUESDAY NIGHT, OCT 30: Copy and paste both your annotated list and your informal writing into a single post on our Moodle site (in the forum listed under the week of Oct 29-Nov 4.) If you’d like the class to discuss your writing on Wednesday, send me an email.
  5. FOR CLASS ON WEDNESDAY, read Taibbi’s first section (pp 163-184 of Best American Magazine Writing 2017).
  6. Comment to this post with an observation on that reading, particularly about Taibbi’s “voice.”
  7.  SHORT PAPER 4 is a report on any event you attend at Trinity, written with attention to your “voice” as a narrator.   Due on Friday, November 2.
  8. As usual, continue blogging and commenting.

For Wednesday, October24

  1. Decide on a research topic for your Essay 3–something growing out of your “ambassadorship” topic.   Begin your research.  Consult at least one source in detail, and write about two pages of informal writing, perhaps including quotations from your source, about what you discover there.  Print those pages and bring to class.
  2. Continue blogging and commenting on others’ blogs.
  3. If you haven’t, read “Worlds Apart” and comment (see post below this one).
  4. Post your Essay 2 on our Moodle page.